ProGreen offers a wide variety of commercial and residential construction services. We are fully committed to customer satisfaction, and our proven track record is what stands us apart from our competition. Our services include remodeling and repairs for both residential and commercial buildings in the Jacksonville area. From simple home repairs to complicated commercial projects, our friendly staff is eager to help you. Furthermore, we can work flexible schedules or accommodate your needs with additional resources as necessary.

Some of the services we offer include installing ceiling fans, drywall patch, tile repair, carpentry to a complete bathroom remodel. If you need a licensed and qualified handyman for a remodeling or repair project in Jacksonville or the surrounding area, be sure to give us a call.

Condominium Conversions

A condominium conversion is the process of entitling a building or a property owned by a single owner, to several condominium owners. In an apartment building, the owner has the responsibility to create new tax parcels for each unit in particular. These condo conversions are designed to make a property more valuable and comes with several other benefits.

Even though the process of condo conversions can be quite complicated due to a wide array of local, state, and federal regulations, you can still make the most out of the situation. Before launching a conversion, there are some things you need to be aware of, most importantly, the potential benefits:

  • Increased Value. As a condominium, your property has a greater market value than a cooperative or rental property. In the long run, condo conversions are way more profitable than any other types of conversion.
  • Capital Repairs. This is where we come in. At ProGreen, we always strive to do the best when it comes remodeling or repairing services. If your building is in need of capital repairs but you do not have the necessary funds, keep in mind that the money raised from new contributors will allow you to finance new repairs. Moreover, you can also use the maintenance fees of the condominium association in order to pay for various repairs.
  • Shift Maintenance Obligations. Another extremely appealing feature of condo conversions is that all the maintenance obligations can be shifted partially or entirely to the new condo association. This means you will have more time for other important tasks.

If you want to capitalize on this new trend, you need to make sure the units look clean and neat. ProGreen is here for you, helping you to make the most out of your condo conversion without breaking your budget.

New Office Build-Outs

When moving your company into a new office you will usually have to do a build-out first. A build-out refers to all of the construction and customization that will have to be done on the office space before the company can move in. This can range from installing new outlets, knocking down walls, or creating new ones.

Office Repairs

In addition to home improvements and renovations, you can also count on ProGreen for all of your office repairs and remodeling needs. We will work quickly and efficiently to turn your office improvement plans into a reality, so that you can get back to work as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our dependable staff can handle just about any type of service that you need. We are ready to paint the inside and outside of your office any color of your choice. A fresh coat of paint is a great way to market your company from the outside and impress potential clients on the inside.

What We Offer:

  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Flooring installation
  • Light fixture installation
  • Office furniture assembly
  • And more! 
Condo Association Projects

One of the benefits of living in a condominium is that residents are not responsible for the general appearance and upkeep of the building. Granted, residents are required to pay monthly or annual fees, but that means that every condo owner is a member of the association that oversees the condo association projects.

In order to keep the grounds and building in pristine condition, condo associations must acquire the help of contractors, handyman services, and landscaping crews. ProGreen is available for a variety of condo association projects, and to make sure the building you live in stays in tiptop shape.

Some of the services we can offer to your condo association include:

  • Paint hallway walls, floors, pool deck, and balcony railings
  • Install railings, shudders, or fencing
  • Perform drywall services
  • Repair tile or put in new flooring
  • Install upgraded light fixtures

Our team of certified professionals wants to provide your condo association with the best handyman services, so that you can take pride in the building where you live. Not to mention, you are financially bound to the structure, so it should not only be safe and reliable, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you need a few housekeeping items touched up, storm damage repairs, or if your association is looking to completely renovate, ProGreen can do the job. Our goal is to limit disruptions and maximize output. When the ProGreen team is on location, ample resources are available and utilized, supervision is provided, and deadlines are met.

Property Maintenance

If you are a property owner, you know how important it is to have regular and proper maintenance done on the premises. You need a reliable and efficient company to perform any repair services and to complete routine property maintenance. ProGreen is stocked with a friendly and professional staff. They will work fast to ensure that you are not inconvenienced longer than necessary.

The overall appearance of your building is the first thing that visitors notice, so maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and well-kept property is of the utmost importance. In general, property maintenance refers to minor upkeep and overall appearance and cleanliness, both inside and out. Regular property maintenance is an excellent way to avoid needing expensive repairs down the road, and allows you to be aware of any sudden changes in the external or internal structure of the building.

In order to make sure that your property remains well maintained, it is suggested to create a standard checklist. This will also help ProGreen because crossing off items on your to-do list is our specialty. Some of the things you might include on your property maintenance checklist that we will take care of for you are:

  • Deck maintenance and repair
  • Railings and fence upkeep
  • Drywall and painting
  • Facade repair and improvements
  • Flooring repair
  • General carpentry
  • Much more…

If, even after receiving regular property maintenance, you still wish to have major repairs or renovations done, ProGreen can handle that, as well. When we arrive to perform various repair or remodeling services on your commercial property, you can rest assured that skillful handymen, regular supervision, and adequate resources will come standard. In addition, the projects will be completed in a timely manner so that disruptions are kept at a minimum.


At ProGreen, we pride ourselves on the wide range of services that we offer. Regarding house renovations, our trustworthy, reliable and experienced handymen offer their vast experience in repairs and maintenance, flooring, room, bath and kitchen remodeling, organization systems, carpentry and more. We offer flexible schedules to accommodate your day, affordable prices to keep you under budget, as well as specialized resources to assist with your individual needs.

Roofing Repairs

Whether you’re experiencing a roof leak, noticing water damage, or your roof shingles are coming off, we are here to answer your questions and provide the right guidance for your roof repair. Our team of roofing professionals is experienced with all types of roofing systems including algae resistant asphalt, architectural shingles, tile, slate, metal, and flat roofs. 

Much More!

ProGreen takes pride in providing top quality handyman services not only to residential homes, but to local businesses as well. As a matter of fact, more than 30% of our remodeling requests come from commercial properties. Over the years, we have learned what our customers need and expect, and we strive to exceed those expectations. Whether you have a small job or large job that needs attention, we will make sure to complete it right the first time.

We are entirely dedicated to meeting your demands and keeping you informed throughout all stages of both large and small projects. You will be able to carry on with your daily duties and responsibilities because our goal is to provide minimal disruptions. In addition, there is no need to worry if you must travel, attend meetings, or take some days off. Our professional on-site supervision ensures that every step of your commercial project is done according to plan, and in a timely manner.

As our customer, feel free to contact us at any time of the day using a single point communication system, rather than having to contact different specialists and track the progress of each. By working together we can create a flexible schedule, one that meets the needs of your business and avoids interfering with daily operations.

Even if you need multiple commercial properties repaired or renovated at one time, ProGreen can take care of this for you. We are committed to never finalizing a project until our customer is 100% satisfied. No matter the size of the job, we offer a 1-year warranty for all of our work because your best interest is always our top priority!

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