ProGreen offers a wide variety of commercial and residential construction services. We are fully committed to customer satisfaction, and our proven track record is what stands us apart from our competition. Our services include remodeling and repairs for both residential and commercial buildings in the Jacksonville area. From simple home repairs to complicated commercial projects, our friendly staff is eager to help you. Furthermore, we can work flexible schedules or accommodate your needs with additional resources as necessary.

Some of the services we offer include installing ceiling fans, drywall patch, tile repair, carpentry to a complete bathroom remodel. If you need a licensed and qualified handyman for a remodeling or repair project in Jacksonville or the surrounding area, be sure to give us a call.


A major benefit of allowing us to install your new flooring is our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that the project will be completed with the utmost care and professionalism, and with no bumps or other signs of poor installation appearing as time goes by. There are, however, circumstances where faults may occur, in which case one of our certified professionals will gladly make the necessary repairs – regardless of whether it is one floor tile or an entire room.

Flooring Options:

When you choose to replace your flooring, not only are you improving a room’s aesthetic appeal, you are also improving its comfort level. The best way to achieve that beauty and comfort is to consider the available options and choose the ideal type of flooring for each room in your home. Our options include:

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Tile flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Linoleum flooring

Your flooring experts will readily assist you with making the right choice, followed by a professional installation that will last a lifetime.

Pressure Washing

ProGreen offers more than just a pressure washing service – we deliver a comprehensive exterior cleaning service using the best equipment and the safest low pressure cleaning techniques. We have the experience, knowledge, and the professional tools to tackle even the toughest power washing or power wash jobs with astonishing success.  You can trust that we will take the time to clean your home safely and effectively without risking any damage to your property, either by high pressure or harsh chemicals.

Drywall Services

When we start a drywall repair job, we work not only for you but with you – you will be in control as if it were a do-it-yourself project. We will ensure that you are aware of every important detail involved in the project, including the materials and the pricing. We will also make sure to consult with you on your preferences, such as the color of the finished wall or ceiling. From simple drywall patch repairs to creating additional rooms in your home or office, our team of professionals will create a flexible schedule that will meet and exceed your expectations, so that the completed project looks as if no damage has ever occurred.

Handyman Services

There is no end to work on both residential and commercial properties. At one time or another, you will need something installed or repaired, yet you may not be able to do it on your own. That is why our skilled and knowledgeable contractors are committed to helping property owners with any and all odd jobs you may have on your to-do list.

Interior & Exterior Carpentry

Professional carpentry services are hard to find and ProGreen understands that. This is why we have licensed, bonded and insured our workers to provide you not only the professional work but the safety with it, too. We take pride in providing reliable work. Our services are always completed in a timely manner as well as with a lower cost to the owner. We understand how difficult DIY projects can be without the right tools and resources, so hiring ProGreen to alleviate that stress would be a great choice!


At ProGreen, we pride ourselves on the wide range of services that we offer. Regarding house renovations, our trustworthy, reliable and experienced handymen offer their vast experience in repairs and maintenance, flooring, room, bath and kitchen remodeling, organization systems, carpentry and more. We offer flexible schedules to accommodate your day, affordable prices to keep you under budget, as well as specialized resources to assist with your individual needs.

Roofing Repairs

Whether you’re experiencing a roof leak, noticing water damage, or your roof shingles are coming off, we are here to answer your questions and provide the right guidance for your roof repair. Our team of roofing professionals is experienced with all types of roofing systems including algae resistant asphalt, architectural shingles, tile, slate, metal, and flat roofs.


When it comes to painting, many homeowners do not realize the amount of planning involved to achieve the perfect end result. From selecting the paint color(s) to applying the paint in a precise yet thorough manner, house painting is a project that should be done by a professional. 

With our team of professional painters, you can be absolutely sure that your home will be painted based on your individual preferences. In addition, we will gladly offer advice on what types of colors work best in what rooms, and which ones best represent the mood that you wish to convey. For example, pale greens and blues are ideal for achieving an atmosphere of calm and serenity in bedrooms. This type of dedication to making customers happy has earned us a 100% satisfaction guarantee, to which we add a one-year warranty on all completed projects!

House painting often goes hand in hand with drywall repairs which is best done by an expert, as well. Our fully-licensed trained and painters will carefully evaluate your walls and ceilings for potential damage prior to painting. Any imperfections will be promptly repaired through a set of intricate steps involved in the drywall process.

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