Duranta plant, also widely known as golden dewdrops, is a tropical broadleaf evergreen that is often grown as an annual outdoor shrub or potted houseplant outside its zone 10—11 hardiness range. A member of the verbena family, duranta plant typically grows 2 to 4 feet tall in regions where it dies back in the winter, but it can achieve heights of 15 feet or more in warm-winter environments.

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Botanical Duranta erecta
Common Duranta plant, duranta, golden dewdrops, sky flower, pigeon berry
Plant Type Tropical broadleaf evergreen shrub
Mature Size 2-4 ft. tall, 1-2 feed wide (when grown as an annual); up to 18 feet tall as a perennial in warm-winter zones.
Sun Exposure Full
Soil Type Rich loam; tolerates rocky soil
Soil pH Acidic to slightly alkaline (5.6—7.5)
Bloom Time Spring through frost
Flower Color Blue, violet, white
Hardiness Zones 10—11 (USDA)
Native Area Central and South America
Toxicity Leaves and berries are toxic to humans and animals