African Iris

One of the most versatile plants around and a great plant for beginning gardeners. This African native can tolerate virtually any soil conditions from drought to moist soil found at the water’s edge. Requires little maintenance to maintain a neat appearance. Just remove faded flowers to keep plant looking fresh.

The spiky foliage adds great texture and interest to formal settings or plants can be naturalized for a casual, carefree look. Blooms last only a day or two but are produced over a long season through the spring and summer.

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Category: Perennial
Available Colors: White
Bloom Time: Spring to summer
Height Range: 2-3' (0.6-0.9m)
Space Range: 1-2' (0.3-0.6m)
Lowest Temperature: 10° to 20°F (-12° to -7°C)
Plant Light: Sun to Part Shade
Companion Plants: Sedum, Artemisia, Helichrysum
USDA Zone: 8-12