Pentas Flower

Imagine flocks of colorful butterflies and hummingbirds visiting your garden all summer long! That's what you'll get when you add Pentas to your garden plan. Pentas develop sparkling star-shaped flowers all summer long in bold hues of red, white, lavender, purple, or pink.

Pentas is a sun lover that grows 18 to 36 inches tall. In most parts of the country, Pentas is considered an annual, but in very warm regions, Pentas is perennial in nature. Pentas is relatively deer resistant. Hardy from zones 10-11, but frequently grown as an annual in cold-winter areas.

Plant Pentas in a sunny location that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of bright light a day. The plants will grow in almost any soil type, but prefer a well-drained soil that doesn't remain soggy after heavy rains. Pentas is a tender perennial so don't plant until all frost danger has passed. Use Pentas in borders by itself or in mixed containers. Once established, Pentas is a wonderfully carefree annual or perennial flower.