Podocarpus | Japanese Yew

An attractive pyramidal garden or patio tree with dense, upright branching and narrow, leathery foliage that takes to shearing well. A versatile, slow growing, and low maintenance evergreen. An effective accent, screen or clipped hedge. Well-suited to large containers or tubs, and for formal topiary. This dioecious conifer is grown from seed; we can not guarantee if a plant purchased will be male or female.

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  • Family (English): Yew
  • Family (botanic): Taxaceae
  • Tree or plant type: Tree, Shrub
  • Foliage: Evergreen (foliage year-round)
  • Native locale: Non-native
  • Size range: Medium shrub (5-8 feet), Large shrub (more than 8 feet), Small tree (15-25 feet), Medium tree (25-40 feet)
  • Light exposure: Full sun
  • Soil preference: Moist, well-drained soil
  • Tolerances: Occasional drought
  • Season of interest: Midwinter, late winter, early spring
  • Flower color and fragrance: Inconspicuous, Yellow
  • Shape or form: Broad, Irregular, Pyramidal, Upright
  • Growth rate: Slow