The ideal for a property management company, facility manager, or property manager responsible for leasing out office spaces is for your building to be a prime location, which is always in high demand. The goal is to increase occupancy rates until every space is filled with happy, paying tenants, and in the best scenario, there is a long waiting list of potential occupants standing by to sign a new lease agreement the moment there’s an opening. 

Whether you’re managing an office building on a five-acre lot or you’re in charge of a fifty-acre office park, this is an attainable goal; one which your landscape can be largely instrumental in helping you achieve, especially when you partner with a commercial landscaping specialist who knows how to get the best performance out of your landscape. We know that you’ve got an important agenda as a property owner or manager, and it really all comes down to doing what it takes to attract and keep good tenants.

Profit by Seeing Your Office Park’s Landscape from Your Tenants’ Eyes

The key is to provide an environment that resonates with your preferred tenants, and makes them want to be there, and people do not want to arrive at a dull and cheerless workplace day after day. As a company committed to being the best place to work ourselves, ProGreen firmly believes in providing a safe, enjoyable place for employees. After all, these are the people who devote at least eight hours a day, five days a week, year after year to helping achieve their company’s goals, and their value cannot be overstated.

From a budgetary standpoint alone, content employees are more productive and they become loyal brand leaders, making the company (your tenant) both more efficient and more profitable–all of which translates to tenants that are more likely to stay true to their lease agreements, increased likelihood of renewals, and even better opportunities to raise certain lease agreements.

Another point from the eyes of your lessees to consider, is that if there are frequent client visitors, it’s important to provide the same great impression every time they come, and again, it starts at the perceived entry point–the grounds of the office complex you’re responsible for. We have the capabilities to perform routine landscape maintenance services, including mowing, aerating and de-thatching the lawn, pruning trees and shrubbery, removing leaves, sticks, and debris, edging around borders, pulling weeds, trimming plant and flower beds, and planting colorful blooms with the changing seasons to give fresh life to the grounds.

Our turf and plant health specialists are committed to the responsible application of fertilizers and treatments for weed, pest, and disease control, and will always recommend the most environmentally friendly solution to take care of any issues–which our frequent landscape inspections enable us to identify before they become costly problems. You can also depend on ProGreen to maintain your irrigation system and keep it running efficiently. Our irrigation experts will make adjustments and repairs as needed to keep your landscape hydrated without watering parking lots, streets, and sidewalks, conserving water and energy.

ProGreen is the preferred landscaping partner for Office Complexes. We've got decades of experience in helping our clients use the landscape to keep their office buildings fully occupied and make more profitable leasing agreements. When you partner with ProGreen, we work to minimize these hazards. Our commercial landscape management professionals will perform routine landscape maintenance services like mowing the grass, edging sidewalks, flower beds and other borders, trimming and pruning of shrubs and trees, and removal of debris, to keep your retail landscape healthy and inviting.

You can also depend on us to keep your irrigation system functioning the way it’s supposed to so you won’t be wasting precious resources watering the streets, parking lots, or sidewalks. We can even work with you to renovate your landscape, adding new plantings and hardscapes to improve the quality of your grounds and elevate the value of your property.