Midtown Landscape Package

Our Midtown Landscape Package offers a thoughtful and creative landscape design focused specifically on one medium space, generally either a front or a backyard. It includes flowering plants, shrubs and groundcovers such as mulch. Take the worry out of figuring out ideas for your space, let us do it for you!

The Medium Landscape Package covers a 15' x 20' (up to 300 square feet) space, thirty minutes of design time and the following products:

1. Twenty (20) one-gallon flowering plants or shrubs (In stock options).

2. Ten (10) each three-gallon plants or shrubs (In stock options).

3. Up to 3 cubic yards of brown, cypress, gold or red mulch.

4. All labor, materials and clean up are included.


• Blue My Mind • African Iris
• Lantana • Salvia
• Pentas • Gaillardia
• Agapanthus • Bulbine
• Society Garlic • Heather
• Arboricola • Podocarpus
• Sunshine Ligustrum ($20 extra) • Loropetalum
• Viburnum Odoratissimum • Walters Viburnum
• Jack Frost Ligustrum • Boxwood
• Duranta • Ixora

Please note the following:

1. MINIMAL GROUND PREPARATION IS INCLUDED. If extensive ground prep is needed, there will be additional costs involved.

2. Additional plants or shrubs cost additional

3. Pine bark is an additional cost

4. If topsoil is needed to prep the bed, the cost is $40 per yard, delivered and installed.