ProGreen offers a wide variety of landscape services. These services will keep your outdoor space clean, tidy and working smoothly. Proper maintenance is more than just keeping plants trimmed and neat or your grass cut. There are many things attached to your home that need attention. Unfortunately, these things are often labor intensive and can be difficult or even dangerous to do yourself. ProGreen has the knowledge and the equipment to handle these outdoor maintenance challenges.


Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well there's more to it than you may think. Placing mulch isn't as simple as throwing down a few bags you of chipped up wood you bought at a big box store last weekend. When spreading mulch there are several things to consider such as material, depth, color, etc. Did you know that certain varieties of ground cover such as pine needles can even change the PH of the soil? Mulching is also very labor intensive especially when old mulch and ground covering needs to be removed. We have the knowledge and experience to not only guide you in your decision, but make it a reality.

Storm Cleanup

Oh, boy... We are all too familiar with this now. ProGreen can help you recover after a storm. Whether it was a Category 5 or just an afternoon thunderstorm that got a little crazy, give us a call so we can help. We are ready to help get your yard back to normal. Storm cleanup can be dangerous, especially with dislocated creatures such as snakes and rats. Let us deal with this mess so you don't have to.

Debris Removal

Lot overgrown? Trying to sell an older property? Receive a code enforcement violation? We understand and are ready to get the job done. We have had many clients in the past that have had issues like this. We can collect dead vegetation or other debris from a property and haul it away for you. Sometimes things just get out of hand or maybe you inherited a property from a relative. ProGreen can help you get it ready to sell or avoid a dreaded code enforcement violation. Right now, one of the biggest issues we are seeing is code enforcement issues after the hurricanes. These violations can even result in liens to the property. Don't let that happen! A simple call to ProGreen can help prevent all of these issues.


No one likes to spend their weekends weeding. Weeds in northeast Florida can go crazy over the summer months. Certain "weeds" like air potato if left unchecked can grow upwards into trees and shrubs causing ugly dead vines in the winter months. The best thing to do is to not let it get too bad to begin with, but we know life happens. We have seen some really unbelievably overgrown flower beds and shrub beds. We have the strength to really get in there and clean up. Weeding is hard back breaking work, let us do it for you.

Rock Installation

Want to add a more durable solution than mulch, look to stone. ProGreen can properly prepare the area you want to install rock in to help prevent future weed growth. Preparation is of the absolute utmost importance when doing this kind of installation. We will then accurately measure the amount of rock you will need to fill the area. Install the stone and level for perfect results. There are many different options and sizes of stone available. Some of the most popular is 1" to 2" river rock. This should be installed to a depth of approximately 2 inches. This will give great results to shrub beds and walkways. This also makes for easier future maintenance.


ProGreen has the know-how to advise you on what shrubs and plants to install and where to place them. We are more than happy to help you install some new shrubs or remove some old ones. Maybe you need some screening because a new home was built or the old bushes are beyond saving. ProGreen can also install many other types of landscape features. Let us make your outdoor space look great again and again. We can also trim low palms, install flowers in beds and maintain after installation.

Much More!

Have a lawn or landscape related job that needs to be done? Not sure if it's something that we can do for you? Just give us a call. No job is to small. ProGreen has experience in many different areas and can provide you with great results. Landscapers often only want to do huge jobs. ProGreen is happy to help you with the little things around the house.