Green Lawncare Package

Let ProGreen put the fun back in your Spring/Summer season! Our trained crews come to your property weekly or bi-weekly and cut your grass, edge, weed-eat and blow off debris from your walks and planting beds and do any weeding and/or mulching that needs to be done. ProGreen offers several types of billing options including seasonal and per-time contracts, low monthly payments or all inclusion / one lump sum yearly payments. NOTE: THE COST IS $250.00 PER MONTH.

Lawn Mowing - Monthly Service ($220.00 PER MONTH / $3000.00 PER YEAR)

1. Lawn will be mowed once per week during the growing season (April through September) and mowed every other week during the dormant season (October through March).

2. Includes edging, weed-eating and blowing off debris

3. Spring Clean Up (Hedges/shrubs will be trimmed "as-needed" but kept neat and debris removed from cuttings; beds will be weeded; general area clean up.)

4. Monthly Bed maintenance

5. Summer Pruning

6. 12 monthly payments

*Please note: This is for lawns UP TO 5000 square feet.