IPEMA Certified Playground Chips

Playground chips are the perfect surface for your playground, walkway, or other high-traffic areas. In terms of comfort, cost, environmental impact, and safety, they can’t be beaten. Our playground chips meet all IPEMA certification standards, are naturally bug and pest-resistant, and extremely durable. IPEMA Certified Playground Chips provide great value and make a great choice for your outdoor surfaces. Note: Chips must be 12 inches deep to provide protection for a fall of 12 feet.

Our playground chips:

  • Help suppress weeds and prevent weed germination
  • Insulate the soil from extreme temperature changes
  • Prevent soil erosion and compaction
  • Make walkways, playgrounds, and outdoor surfaces appear more attractive
  • Will gradually decompose adding valuable organic material to the soil
  • Reduce soil moisture evaporation