Sprinkler System Tune Up

Every spring, hundreds of thousands of homeowners and commercial property owners turn on their sprinkler systems hoping that every part is working just as it did the previous fall. As soon as a sprinkler head doesn’t pop up right, or rotor head doesn’t turn correctly, or there is no power to the sprinklers, it’s time for you to call in the experts.

Like a car motor that has sat idle for several months, your sprinkler system needs to be properly tuned and checked before trying to water any part of your landscape. Our licensed sprinkler technicians use a system of tests to ensure your sprinklers, controller, valves, and circuits are all working properly. 

  • Activate the system, zone by zone, to ensure all zones are turning on/off.
  • Inspect the rain and freeze sensor, if present, for proper operation.
  • Check the controller’s backup battery for proper functionality.
  • Program the controller’s settings for seasonality and any watering restrictions.
  • Examine each zone for any broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads
  • Adjust any misaligned heads for proper coverage.
  • Clean and adjust spray nozzles to ensure optimal spray coverage.
  • Clean and adjust nozzle filters to ensure optimal spray coverage.
  • Examine the system and yard for dry spots and and possible leaks.
  • Identify all heads that need to be raised, lowered, or moved.

***Please note: Head replacement fees are additional $35.00 for a pop-up head and an additional $45.00 for a rotary head.