So, how do you know when it's time to trim your trees?

Here's the good news: because palm trees are generally pretty hardy, they can tolerate trimming for much of the year. That said, they accept pruning best in the spring. You might not like the look of those dead fronds, but they actually help protect your tree against summer heat and winter chills.

If you live in Florida (where there's hot sun, moist soil, and lots of humidity) it's best to trim your trees in warmer months. Shoot for late spring, but not the dead of summer. This gives your beloved palms the best chance of recovery.

In general, your safest bet is to check your palm tree species and check its ideal trimming month (yes, that's a thing). Plan to trim your tree during that period.

You should also be careful not to over-prune your palms. This can actually hurt them, or even kill them. Remember, pruning reduces the amount of foliage available for the plant to absorb sunlight and make food, which means over-pruning starves your tree. Most trees will bounce back with time but always trim with care.

Please note: The pricing for palm tree trimming is for active, growing and dead palm fronds and does not include PALM BOOTS. Cost is PER PALM.