Pine Straw (Bale) - Delivered

The 3.0 cu. ft. Pine Straw Bale provides excellent insulation for tender plants over summer and winter months. This straw bale is made of slash pine needles and resists heavy rains to help prevent soil erosion. The straw bale allows for nutrient absorption and aeration while protecting plant roots during almost any season. COVERS 40 SQUARE FEET.

PLEASE NOTE: We have a $100.00 MINIMUM ORDER on products or a combination of products for shipping. All customers must fill out the DELIVERY AGREEMENT FORM prior to any product deliveries.

  • Helps prevent soil erosion and protects plant roots in almost any season
  • Allows nutrients and aeration to soils
  • Excellent insulator for tender plants in the winter or summer
  • Stays in place during heavy rains to help prevent soil erosion
  • Made of slash pine needles for a beautiful red color
  • 12 in. W x 12 in. H x 24 in. D

Do you want to know around how many bales of pine straw you need for your landscaping project? Use our Pine Straw calculator below.

Enter the length and width of your garden or enter the total square feet. Once you enter some of the information the form will automatically update. Each bale will cover approximately 35-40 square feet when applying the recommended 2"-3".


We charge an additional $4.00 PER BALE to install this product. For instance, if you buy 50 bales at $6.00 per bale, you will pay $300.00 for the product and $200.00 for us to spread it. This is for installation only and does not include any ground preparation. There is a 10 yard minimum for pine straw installation services. Installation costs cannot be refunded.